mardi 15 novembre 2016

Hello !
My favorite genres of music are deep house and french rap. It makes me feel free and it relaxes me. When I am tired I prefer listenning to deep house, I feel directly better. I don't have a preferance in artists I listen to all deep house remixes.  The best I've never heard is "They don't know" by Disciples.
And about french rap, it reminds me of summer, parties, spending days on the beach with friends cousins and classmates.
Here you can find some deep house musics :

French rap :

2 commentaires:

  1. Hello Lina! It's awesome that music makes you feel that way because that's how it makes me feel. I listened to one of the links you left under deep house music and I enjoyed it! I like the beat of the song. Thank you for sharing some of your favorite music, you can check mine out on my blog!

  2. Hello Lina. I watched the deep house videos that you provided. Thank you for sharing with me. I also like the patterns of deep house music.